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Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What is the red loop in the bolt bag?



It is an in-line fuse.  Cut the red wire loop, strip both ends and attach battery terminal to one end and the butt connector to the other, to run in  line with the positive wire.



2.       On my Road star, there isn't any factory windshield, Will Memphis shade mount work with this fairing?



You must purchase the factory windshield mounts approximately $100.00 (STR 4WM03-40-00)


3.       How wide are the brackets when mounted on the fairing for the C90T?

Outside measurements I believe are 14 1/2".


4.       Why do you sell a stereo system with a CD that skips?


Jensen is a good marine system. This one is affordably priced and most people don't even use the CD as it is almost a thing of the past. It has AUX INPUT FOR IPOD, MP3, this is on the front of the stereo.



5.       If I order your fairing without a stereo system, what are the dimensions of the stereo and speaker holes in your fairing?

Speaker holes cut in fairing are 4 1/2", outside measurements of our speaker covers are 5 1/4".  Stereo hole measures 8 1/2" x 3 1/2" in our fairing.


6.       Can I have a fairing with no holes cut?

Holes are in the mold, covers for speakers are available.


7.       Do I have to drill on VTX 1300R?

No it attaches to the Memphis Shade brackets included with your fairing. ALL other models 1300C, 1800R, 1800C, 1800N you have to drill, see Memphis shade installation on the Install Guides section.


8.       Why is your fairing priced so cheap?

We are selling it direct to the customer at the wholesale price and leaving the middle man out. Our motto is A Fairing A  Working Man Can Afford. At this time no dealer pricing included.


9.       What is the silver reflective material inside the fairing behind the speakers?

A sound mat.  This is to help bring the sound from the speakers back toward you.

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