Testimonials... Hear from our customers

Everything has gone well. I already have the Fairing installed and everything perfect, I had to make some change in the stands, some tailoring of a screen no longer used but it has not been difficult...
-Carlos Garcia, Lycos, Spain
I just wanted to say thank you. I purchased a fairing for my 02 Roadstar last year. This weekend I took first place at a Yamaha bike show. Everone loves the fairing. I get so many questions that I have to keep your phone number with me in my phone............Bottom line is the fairing looks stunning and everyone that sees it and hears what you charge is impressed.
-Don Hughes, Arizona/California
The fairing looks great and sounds great! A little paint and it looks like it came stock. Thanks for all your help and it is a damn nice product.
Hey the fairing is great. I love this thing...everywhere I go people ask about it and how much did I pay for it...I love to see their jaw drop when I tell them...thanks for having such a great product...thought I'd send a picture for your site.
-Kris McGinnis 97' Road King
I first saw Wide Open Custom in Fayetteville, AR, but I wasn't sure about putting a fairing on my 04 Victory King Pin. I finally decided to and love it. It looks great and I don't believe that I catch any more wind than I did with a tall windshield. It was a great addition to my bike and the stereo is great too! Ride Safe
-Richard Crouch, Joplin, MO
Been out riding and enjoying my tunes! The sound is great. The bike even handles better in the wind than with only a standard windshield.
-Janice, Yuma
Done some changing out of parts and adding after market Goodies such as this WIDE OPEN CUSTOMS FAIRING THAT IS AWESOME....
-Nick, Clyde, Ohio
I wanted to write to Thank You again for the Quality fairing that I purchased from Wide Open Customs. It was easy to install, and is an unbelievably great asset to our motorcycle. Thanks Again!!!!
Finally got the fairing put on my scooter. Looks great!!